Trade Institute Scandinavia facilitates Growth for Scandinavian companies worldwide.

For you this means that you can get a partner that can actually sell for you, a partner that can help you grow, a partner that can help you get financing. That’s concrete and unique !

We are former Trade Advisor’s from Scandinavian Government Agencies with a vast experience in Export and Trade on both government and executive business levels worldwide.

For you this means, that when working with TISc, you will automatically get valuable questions and insights that help improve your operations, sales opportunities and an expansion of business ideas.

Trade Institute Scandinavia is constantly following actions and what’s going on in terms of Trade, Export and Financing worldwide. Through our partner and membership programs we also have the biggest network of business partners, incubator facilities and advisors.

For you this means that we easily boost your growth in any given market situation. We are good at taking action for your, and guaranteeing you success.